HYPHEN was born out of the urge of not only wanting to provide a voice for GSAPP students, but also a platform for the GSAPP experiment outside of the walls of Avery Hall. At its core, GSAPP teaches its students to not only answer tough questions, but more importantly be the ones asking them. With HYPHEN, we intend to do precisely that; each issue seeks to create a discourse around a specific question or problem by breaking from traditional forms of representation and story-telling. We believe it is critical to not only engage the field of architecture but also other stakeholders involved in the subjects we explore in order to paint a more inclusive and cohesive picture around topics of the built environment. Thus, we encourage the use of any visual medium that best ignites a conversation, whether written, drawn, photographed, or otherwise, to establish a deeper level of understanding between various disciplines.


HYPHEN seeks to re-define the narrative surrounding architecture. Through non-specific methods of story-telling and through the inclusion of diverse voices we believe that a new publication can emerge with originality, purpose, and intentionality. HYPHEN refutes the idea of representation overthinking. HYPHEN discards the notion that the polemic is the most effective entry-point into architectural theory, it may be the fastest but it is the least productive. HYPHEN will interrogate the hyper macro and the hyper micro, working inwards from the peripheries of “architecture” and thereby defining the middle ground through its own extremities. HYPHEN invites you to read, to be in between discourse, and to fulfil the implied.

HYPHEN to us is the embodiment of these definitions, a manifestation of its own form and use. To us, HYPHEN is an indication of the conjoined, a combined meaning. HYPHEN is the indication of division, creating space between content, a grammatical void in the figure ground of written English. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, HYPHEN indicates elements both missing and implied. Stating that there is more to come and inviting the continuation of what has been.


HYPHEN MAGAZINE is currently looking for motivated GSAPP students to join its editorial team as well as for contributions to its first call to entry “Space in Crisis." View available volunteer positions 



Academic Advisor
Professor Mark Wigley, Dean Emeritus


Founding Editors
Alina Abouelenin
Matthew Brubaker
Ian Wach